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"If I paid for my friends, I certainly didn’t pay enough!" 

Sisterhood Sunday


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to mention a couple of things while I was on here

1. Sorry for the sporadic and inconsistent uploads. Life after college means less time to procrastinate since I don’t have homework/midterms/anything else I can procrastinate on.

2. Ask me any questions/suggestions/comments regarding anything!

3. Promise I’ll be more active on this tumblr since I have over 800 followers (oh my) and I know how annoying it gets when you’re following someone and they rarely post anything…:(.

4. RIP Robin Williams :( ( I watched Aladdin last night for the first time in foreverrrrr)

5. Last but not least, Happy Recruiting (Whenever it may be)! Wishing everyone luck and don’t stress too much! 



I think I’ve posted this before…
but idc I really love it!
The struggle is real&#8230;

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