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So cute!
The struggle is real…

Quote of the day

Love these DG paddles I just sent out today!

These are literally the cutest!


Alpha Gamma Delta treats I made for our initiation.


Totally the perfect gift for me, I would wear it 24/7 !!!

"Do Good"
Delta Gamma 
Has anyone had a Disney Princess themed formal? That would be so much fun!!! 

Being in a Sorority

Is not about:

-Lilly pulizter


-Making coolers

-Being the skinniest/prettiest/bitchiest 

-Everything and anything on TSM

-Sleeping with the hottest guys

-Hanging out with the guys from Top Tier houses

-Being invited to the hottest houses functions/formals

-Inviting the hottest guys to your functions/formals

It’s about:

-The sisters you meet

-Creating a bond that no one understands

-Learning to accept the flaws of your sisters and encourage their strengths

-Respecting your elders

-Respecting the years of sisterhood your chapter has endured and will continue to do so

-Having fun

-Learning to love you and those around you

-Learning to be there for people not only at their best but also at their worst

-Making memories that will last a lifetime