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"If I paid for my friends, I certainly didn’t pay enough!" 

Sisterhood Sunday

10 things I wish I had in my purse while going through recruitment

Long story short: I went into recruitment blind. I never thought of going Greek but then was convinced by my sister to do so. I signed up really last minute and didn’t know what was going to hit me. I didn’t have time to ask people about Greek life, house reputation and whatnot and just jumped right in. I think I registered for it right before registration closed.

Anyway, here are some things I wish I was prepared with whilst going through recruitment to make my life a teensy bit easier:

1. Flats

I did wear flats to the display/open house rounds but I did not for the House Tours/ Philanthropy or Preference rounds. Believe me, running from one house to another in high heels = not fun; especially if you’re short on time and having to pass all the fraternities as well; you don’t want to look like a fawn that’s just learning how to walk. If you must, wear wedges and depending on the weather, boots.

2. Mints

Not gum. Mint. It doesn’t really matter if you are chewing gum and I’ve had few PNMs who did but worst case scenario, it falls out of your mouth, you accidentally make the click-ity noise etc (although it may work in your benefit into a humorous conversation but let’s just play it safe)

3. Mini umbrella

Okay, so this is more what I wish I had when I was going through recruitment. Thankfully I just had my last house tour and was on my way to the dorms (residence halls) and it started to POUR. Needless to say, I looked like a wet dog all the way home.

*Check the weather forecast first! 

4. Compact mirror

No one in my recruitment group had make up disasters but compact mirrors come in handy when you want to do a little self-check before walking into those doors that might be the doors to your new house. You don’t want to be the girl smiling confidently throughout a whole conversation just to find out after the round has ended that most of your MAC lipstick looks like it’s been applied to your teeth instead of your lips. And I for sure do not want to be the girl telling you that you have lipstick on your teeth/ be the girl who has to pretend that it’s not there the whole time when it in fact is.

5. Tissue paper/ Handkerchief 

Running around all of the GS will get you at least a little sweaty even if you’re not the sweating type. Dab your upper lips and forehead. 

6. Hair ties/ Bobby pins

I keep on mentioning the heat but seriously though, when you’re crammed into a house full of PNMs and Sorority girls, it gets really warm really fast. Put that hair up in a cute bun or braid it to the side if you feel like passing out from the heat. I have really thick/long hair and it felt like a freaking heater on my neck. Also, the whole having hair stuck to your neck look is not a good look on anyone. 

7. Water bottle

Yes, again with the heat but also because you’ll be talking non stop for at least 2 of the days since those are the days where you’ll be ushered to every single chapter they have on campus. Your throat will thank you.

8. Cough drops

I had the pleasure of getting over a nasty cold in the beginning of recruitment week. My voiced crackled and croaked (not really) and at the end of the day I thanked god for my throat not giving in and being able to function the next day.

SO, anything that will soothe your throat after rounds and rounds of hey how are yous and where are you froms.

9. Band-aids

Especially if you’re 100% committing to those heels that you’re not sure will betray you or not. If I have to wear heels for more than 5 hours I go with the ones I know will have my back and will not give up on me. 

10. Tampons

God forbid this happens to you but sometimes (rarely) luck isn’t on your side. 

So there it is. I’m fairly new to making lists and I’m sure the items you need will vary. Some are a given but again, these are the items that I wish I had and have seen being needed by other PNMs. Don’t fret if you don’t have all these things though because some sororities have these on stand by in their restrooms so in case of an emergency just ask for the restroom and pray to god they have the little basket of everything a woman possibly needs. And in all seriousness, it’s a house full of girls, why would we not have any of these things?

We really want you to have the best experience going through recruitment since we’ve been where you are. Happy recruitment!


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to mention a couple of things while I was on here

1. Sorry for the sporadic and inconsistent uploads. Life after college means less time to procrastinate since I don’t have homework/midterms/anything else I can procrastinate on.

2. Ask me any questions/suggestions/comments regarding anything!

3. Promise I’ll be more active on this tumblr since I have over 800 followers (oh my) and I know how annoying it gets when you’re following someone and they rarely post anything…:(.

4. RIP Robin Williams :( ( I watched Aladdin last night for the first time in foreverrrrr)

5. Last but not least, Happy Recruiting (Whenever it may be)! Wishing everyone luck and don’t stress too much!