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THIS! THIS! THIS! Everyone should watch it <3 


This video almost made me cry. Props to the chapter that made it, we’re going to make a similar one ourselves!

Thank you :)

so much for following me you guys! Seriously though. I have 104 lovely followers already. It’s ridiculous (in a good way of course) and it makes me feel all giddy inside :). I have finals coming up. Boo. So I won’t be updating as often as I have in the past few days but I will certainly try to post at least one photo a day! Sorry for the ranting! I hate it when people I follow do this and I’m such a hypocrite. Haha. But thank you guys again. Makes my day so much better when I see that I have a new follower. Keep on sending suggestions and feel free to ask me anything (advice/personal(not too personal)/just random things/things related to your chapter/etc). Okay, gosh this is longer than I intended it to be. Goodnight lovlies! <3

Halloween&#8217;s over&#8230;but it&#8217;s still fun to dress up :)
For my followers! My blog&#8217;s only like a day old and I already have 24 followers! Thank you guys :D